Mobile application for Android and iOS


Numero is a numerological search calculator mobile application. It is used in extracting numerological information by calculating it from dates, numbers and text.

It incorporates some of the best cutting-edge technologies for development of mobile applications such as Ionic, Angular, NodeJS, among others.

Numero is a free application that you can download and check out from either the Google Play Store for Android or Apple App Store for iOS devices.

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The goal of the project is to make it easy for people to search for dates based on numerological criteria as well as easily calculate numerological information for dates, numbers and text.

"Have you ever wondered what should numerologically be the exact date of your important event, for example your wedding, child baptizing, or successful business deal?

Like with many other people, having interests in numerology, I found it hard to calculate and analyze the big quantity of data from many different dates in order to choose the most appropriate one. Then, I said to myself if I can make this process easy for myself through my technical skills, wouldn't it be useful to other people too?"

Numero is also to serve as a sample of our work and an example of our expertise. It shows our technical abilities to successfully complete and deliver real-world projects for the mobile environment.


  • Calculate today's numerological information.
  • Search calculation for dates based on numerological criteria.
  • Calculate numerological data for arbitrary date, number, or text in the current display language.
  • Share numerological data.
  • Create Google Calendar event for a date with numerological information.
  • Show notification reminders about today's numerology.
  • Choose date display format.
  • Multilingual: English, Bulgarian, Italian, Russian, French, Spanish.
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